How To Buy Cheap Train Tickets

Buying tickets

Train tickets may fluctuate due to different reasons such as the season and the demand of the people. In purchasing tickets, you can use some techniques in order to save some cash. There are also a lot of websites where you can find cheap train tickets. You will just have to check constantly for deals and promos that you can take advantage of.

Here are some tips in buying cheap train tickets:

  1. Buy tickets early. The earlier you buy train tickets, the cheaper they will be. If you already know the date and time of your travel, you can book in advance to save some money. Another trick is to purchase the tickets you need 12 weeks in advance. This is not certain, but you can take a chance. Most train companies release tickets for trips 12 weeks in advance. If you meet this, you will be buying your tickets as soon as they are released and that makes them cheaper.
  2. Get advance tickets. Advance tickets can still be available the night before your trip. Doing this will be a bargain. If there are still advance tickets available the night before your trip, you can travel for half the price but if there are no more advance tickets available, you have to pay for the regular price. Be sure to ask for advance the advance tickets as most railway stations do not offer these tickets upfront if the travel date is nearing. 
  3. Ticket alert system. Another thing you can use to get cheap tickets is by using Trainline’s ticket alert system. Trainline is a website where you can reserve and purchase tickets. If you are subscribed to the website’s ticket alert system, you will be notified through e-mail as soon as possible when there are cheap tickets that are available.

Here are some website that can help you find cheap tickets:

  1. – This is another website where you can get ticket alerts. You can purchase cheap tickets from the website by reserving them early if you already have a schedule for your travel. You can make use of the station finder to get the best deals on tickets. You can also have tickets for the London theatre, Eurostar and different hotels in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.
  2. – This is another website you can use to book tickets. Be sure to check the available slots for your travel so that you can get the best deals. Use the ticket finder to see if there are any available tickets for your destination. You can purchase the ticket online.

These are some of the tips and websites you can use to get cheap train tickets. Always check the websites for the available tickets and their prices. If you already know the time and date of your travel it would be best if you book in advance so that you are sure to buy the tickets cheap and so that you won’t miss out on tickets.


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