How To Find Top Nature Trips in Washington

Being able to appreciate the beauty of nature is one of the few good things about life, but it always seems like it’s something in danger of not lasting, and no longer something one can enjoy for free. Taking a break once in a while to travel to some of these spots might make you see why some humans just love the earth, and might also prove to be a good way to recharge your batteries and relax. You can also bring the really breathtaking and refreshing views back with you by taking pictures and saving the images as wallpaper for your computer, or framing these pictures and incorporating them into your home décor.

If you’re worrying about not having enough time or the money to dish out for trips and hotels and such, you can probably choose not to go out at all, and instead get your refreshing views second-hand from conservancy or nature photography sites. However, it’s really a good idea to try to see some of these views for yourself, since nature can only really be appreciated by experiencing it rather than seeing it on a page or from your computer screen. The air in these nature spots is also very different from polluted city air, so just for the fresh air alone, it’s already worthwhile to go on nature trips. You can relax on weekends by driving to a park near you, or going to the seaside or mountainside to smell the air. If you live near Washington, then you can probably go to a place like the Olympic National Park to get a lot of different views of nature available in one place, and to enjoy the wilderness from many different angles. You need to pay a small fee at the entrance gate, but the fee opens the park to you for a whole week of nature trips.

These are the really good spots to plan day trips in Olympic National Park:

  • Hoh Rain Forest. The Hoh Rainforest is a temperate rainforest where you can see giant trees with moss-covered branches, and the ground is practically covered by ferns and other plant life. This is one of those things that have to be seen to be appreciated.
  • Hurricane Ridge. This is a 45-minute drive from the visitor center in Port Angeles. Hurricane Ridge has both sub-alpine and alpine ecosystems. You can enjoy the remarkable view of the Olympic Mountain range from the Hurricane Ridge visitor center and see all the way to Victoria, Canada from Victoria Overlook. You might also enjoy hiking the High Ridge Trail. There are also some wonderful views waiting in Hurricane Hill, where you might glimpse deer, mountain goats or even bears.
  • Rialto Beach. You can climb beach logs, comb the beach and simply enjoy the quiet scenery which stretches for several miles.
  • Waterfalls. Some of the scenery you can enjoy in Olympic National Park are Madison Falls, Marymere Falls, the Salmon Cascades, where you can watch salmon jumping against the current of the falls, and the amazing Sol Duc Falls. You might also enjoy the view of the shore of Lake Crescent while driving from one spot to another.


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