Whale Watching and Other Ecotours in Hawaii

Similar to most seaside areas like Vancouver and Maine, Hawaii offers natural wonders, both marine and on land. However, unlike the other areas, Hawaii has the additional feature of being an island. This gives it more geographical ecotours that others don't have. Fancy a trip to Mount Kilauea or a whale watching ecotour? Well, if you're a whale watching fan, then Hawaii is the place for you. As it is in the Pacific, a lot of whales pass by the immediate area of Hawaii and you can get some of the best deals.

If you are a whale watcher, or an environmentally conscious person, then these ecotours will be perfect for you!

  1. Dan McSweeney's Whale Watch - Before whale watching was a lucrative and popular form of ecotourism, Capt. Dan McSweeney was offering whale watching for the environmentally conscious. A member of the ilovewhales.com group, Captain Dan McSweeney has been at the forefront of a business that is environmentally sound, renewable and lucrative. Their main offering is a humpback whale watch, however, sperm whales, right whales, and dolphins also abound in the oceans around Hawaii, offering you a rare view of these beautiful animals. One other thing about Dan McSweeney's Whale Watch tour is that it isn't just a whale tour; it's a lesson with lots of whale information for the budding environmentalist or the regular person alike. If you want to make a reservation for Dan McSweeney's Whale Watch, go ahead and visit their site at ilovewhales.com.
  2. TurtlesAboard - Don't let the name fool you. With a certified marine biologist manning the helm, this company has one of the most affordable and exciting whale watch tours around. And it's not just whale watching, mind you, they also let you snorkel with dolphins and go diving with turtles. This cruise offers a continental breakfast, a freshwater shower, and snorkeling equipment. They also have discounts for senior citizens, students, and those active in the military. Their prices range from $120 to $170 without the discount and are good for people of all ages.
  3. North Shore Catamaran Charters - If you're looking for a romantic or private getaway, then a private catamaran is for you. North Shore Catamaran offers the best of the North Shore in Hawaii Island, the least populated, but most whale-visited area of the island. They offer amazing humpback whale tours, a romantic sunset getaway, exclusive charters and snorkeling times. The best thing about it is that you get your own catamaran which you can man it yourself, if you know how to. Since catamarans are quiet sailboats, you can get pretty close to the whales without disturbing them with noisy engines. Their Ho'o Nanea catamaran is perfect for whale watching as it has a large view deck for people to look at the whales. It also has an underwater hydrophone so you can tune in to the whales singing and hear the beautiful melodies they produce. All sails are, of course, seasonal, however, with an $80.00 price tag for adults, it's one of the best deals around.


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