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  • How to Drought-Proof Your Garden

    In hot and dry weather, keeping your garden plants alive can become a real chore, and all that watering can cost you a fortune as well.
  • How To Prevent Weeds Organically

    Many gardeners worry that going organic means that they will spend all of their time fighting weeds - but that doesn't have to be the case, and there are plenty of...
  • How To Compost in Winter

    Composting is, in part, a temperature-dependent process. But that doesn't mean that you have to stop composting in winter. How you keep your compost going depends on...
  • How To Buy Garden Plants

    Many gardeners love growing plants from seed, and it's very rewarding, but they also love buying plants. Maybe you only want one or two, or don't have the space to...
  • How To Compost Without Attracting Rats

    Rats are everywhere, and many people are hesitant about making compost at home because they believe it will attract rats to their garden. But following a few simple...
  • How To Garden with Wildlife in Mind

    Making space for wildlife in your garden really brings it to life. And making the garden more wildlife friendly is a great project for kids, who will be able to watch...
  • How To Make Rosti Potatoes

    Rosti is a northern European potato dish. It's very easy to make, versatile and tasty.
  • How To Compost with Coffee

    Maybe you're one of many people trying to reduce the amount of trash you produce. Maybe you're wondering why your local coffee shop is giving away its waste coffee...
  • How To Grow Mustard and Cress

    If you've got itchy green fingers in the middle of winter, or you want to introduce your kids to the joys of growing your own food, then growing mustard and cress is a...
  • How To Make Comfrey Fertilizer

    If you have a comfrey plant in your garden, then you can turn it into a liquid feed for tomatoes and other fruiting plants for free.

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