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  • How To Find Out How Much You Owe in Taxes

    No matter what the IRS is doing you need to know how much you owe in taxes. There is no point in waiting around for them to tell you.
  • How To Stop an IRS Bank Levy

    It is important to act quickly when you are hit with a bank levy as you will not have much time to react. Read to find out how to stop an IRS bank levy.
  • How To Hire a Tax Attorney

    Follow these three simple steps to find a tax attorney who will help with your specific legal issues.
  • How To Amend a Tax Return

    Amending a tax return is not that difficult if you know the correct form to use. Learn more about amending your tax return.
  • How To File Unfiled Tax Returns

    Follow these steps to file unfiled tax returns; article includes the names of documents you will need.
  • How To File for Penalty Abatement

    Filing for penalty abatement is a simple process for those who know the steps involved. If you feel that you qualify to have your tax debt reduced, you definitely want...
  • How To File for an Offer in Compromise

    Filing for an Offer is a notoriously difficult process. There are numerous forms, paperwork and documents to contend with. However, it's worth the effort to submit an...
  • How To File Back Taxes

    If you have unfiled tax returns, it is extremely important that you file them as soon as possible. The IRS is known to take harsh actions against delinquent tax...
  • How To Pay IRS Back Taxes: IRS Tax Debt Relief

    Do you finally want peace of mind? With an IRS debt held over your head, you simply can't find it. So it's time to get started on the road to a debt-free life....
  • How To Set Up an Installment Agreement with the IRS

    If you owe back taxes and cannot pay them right away, an installment agreement is a good option. An installment agreement allows you to pay the taxes back in...

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