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  • How To Tell if Someone Is Lying to You

    From little white lies to nation-destroying omissions, lying has been around as long as the truth. And while lying has a rich history, the vast majority of humanity,...
  • How To Explain Santa Claus to Your Kids

    You don't want to lie to your kids, but you don't want to rob them of the magic of a childhood Christmas. There are many ways to avoid both, and make the truth just as...
  • How To Keep Your Legs Pain-Free When Standing Still for Many Hours

    Life is active, but sometimes it forces you to stand around for a while. Here are some quick tips to keep your legs and feet from going all numb and painful.
  • How To Plan a Solo Backpacking Trip

    Solo backpacking is a very risky activity. However, the allure of the experience might be too much to resist, and if you feel the wilds calling, make sure you'll make...
  • How To Pack as Little as Possible

    You don't have to bring as much as you think, as long as you're willing to pay the price. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
  • How To Start Writing a Novel

    Well begun is half-done. Before you start writing your novel, are you sure what novel you're going to write?
  • How To Beat Computer and Video Game Addiction

    Little understood and sometimes laughed at, video game addiction can ruin a person's life. These are a few suggestions to help break the stranglehold.
  • How To Create Your Own Religion

    Each person is unique and different, so it stands to reason that every person's relationship with God will be different, too. While you may still reside under the...
  • How To Travel Without Planning

    All too often people plan and dictate how their trip will go, without any regard for reality. Traveling without planning allows one to travel hassle-free, and to see...

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