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  • How To Walk Sexy

    A good walk will set you apart from everyone on the street. It is easy to train yourself to walk differently and elegantly and sexily. 
  • How To Choose Man Bags

    Men have things they need to carry around, too. Why is it that only women have a device to do this with? Wallet, cell phone, reading glasses, laptop, keys, sunglasses,...
  • Dressing for Black Tie Events: Formal Wear for Men

    Once you receive an invitation to a dinner party, a gala, a soiree, a luncheon, or any other event for which personal invitations are sent out, then the host or...
  • How To Smoke Salmon

    Learn how to create the nice smoked flavor anytime in a few easy steps.
  • How To Reuse Broken Crayons

    Once the crayons get to small to hold, most people just put them in the trash, but they can still be used.
  • How To Choose a Men's Dress Shirt

    Many men wear ill-fitting clothes all the time. It is often not the clothes themselves, but rather the fit of them that determines whether or not they look good. You...
  • How To Tie Scarves: Satin, Silk, Knit Scarf and More

    There are many different types of scarves and many ways they can all be tied. The main types include: The Long Knit, The Short Knit, The Long Silk or Satin, The Square...
  • How To Sketch

    Learn how to see a picture or a scene and draw it with accuracy.
  • How To Do English to Metric Conversion

    Here is a conversion system to go from Imperial to metric in cooking. It is easy math or memorization.
  • How To Prepare for Acting Auditions

    Learn what directors are looking for. Be the best you can be for those few minutes.

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